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When it comes to nutrition, it's all about:


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Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum are clinically proven to do ONE thing:

“Maintain a Strong Immune System.”

 With a strong Immune System, our body can sustain most challenges we face daily, and Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum do exactly THAT!



Four years ago, I was a broke 19-year-old who had no idea what to do for a career. In this growing process, my dear mother gets ill. From being super active in volunteer work and entrepreneurship to having so much fatigue and pain. She was literally in bed a whole year!


We did what most people would do:

Go to the doctor.

We went to countless naturopaths and conventional Drs, trying to look for answers. Yet it seemed like we were spinning our wheels, spending large sums of money and time, with no results.

Till one day, a good friend of ours told us about a nutrient originally from Canada that would help with
the Immune System. When we heard about it, we were skeptical and broke, and we had the mentality of
"I've tried everything." What we had to do was change our mindset, and give it a try. That's what we did.

After 1 week of consuming the product, I remember waking up a Sunday Morning, and I see her cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen with complete energy, something I had not seen in a YEAR! That was my "aha" moment, and I realized I had to get on it too.

Meanwhile, I found out that there was an entrepreneurial opportunity behind it. Though I didn't have money, nor business experience, nor a degree, I did have 2 things:

  • Big desire

  • Coachable


After going to a seminar and learning everything I needed, my MOM and I decided to do this as a project.

Here are a couple of things we have been able to accomplish:

  • Help thousands of people with their Immune System.

  • Help hundreds of people earn a full-time income working part-time.

  • A company that sells more than $1 Million of product per year.

  • Featured in 2 amazon top sellers, multiple podcasts with over 10,000 listeners, etc.

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To help people stay and feel young, no matter the age.