Immunocal Platinum

Immunocal Platinum has all the goodness found in Immunocal with CMP™+ and RMF added in.


Immunocal is a unique, patented, specially formulated natural protein that has clinically demonstrated to help maintain your immune system.

Immunocal Booster

The Perfect complement to Immunocal and Platinum. Powered by our exclusive Nrf2 catalyst. It contains the most powerful Nrf2 switch on the market today: Sulforaphane (broccoli seed extract) and Selenium. Our booster will optimize the performance of the glutathione Immunocal helped your body produce.*

Omega Gen V

Heart, brain, and health support. Now, more robust with vitamin E and 33% more EPA fish oil. Designed for maximum bioavailability. Easy to swallow and no fishy aftertaste. It is gluten-free with no preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors.

Top 2 Glutathione precursors: 

 Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum. Both of them have the same amount of bonded cysteine, which raises Glutathione. The only difference is that the Platinum version has CMP and RMF, two added formulas for a more advanced Immunocal. Who should consume the Platinum? An athlete and anyone above the age of 35. 

If you want faster results, add the Immunocal Booster and the Omega Gen V. Why? 

The Immunocal Booster has more than 50 fruits and veggies for antioxidant protection, but the main thing is that it has sulforaphane, a well-studied ingredient that mainly comes from broccoli seed extract. When our cells receive it, it activates a gene in our body called NRF2. This gene amplifies all of the antioxidants in the body, and it especially activates Glutathione. When combined, the body detoxifies 3x more. 

The Omega GEN V not only is a great omega supplement, but it has 4 other nutrients that are very powerful. This includes COQ10, Curcuminoid, Piperine, and Vitamin E. Ingredients well studied. This makes it a great supplement in general. 

Do you need these extra supplements to make Glutathione?

No, since that’s what Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum will do, give your body the building blocks to make it in the cells. 

But, if you want even faster results, adding these would be good. It all depends on what you want for your body.